Techniques moléculaires pour la détection génomique de l’ARN


Strategies moléculaires pour la détection génomique de l’ARN viral des arbovirus du Nil occidental, de la dengue, du Zika et du Chikungunya: une revue narrative 

Introduction: Molecular know-how has performed an necessary position in arboviruses diagnostics. PCR-based strategies stand out by way of sensitivity, specificity, value, robustness, and accessibility, and particularly the isothermal amplification (IA) methodology is good for field-adaptable diagnostics in resource-limited settings (RLS).

Areas coated: On this assessment, we offer an outline of the assorted molecular strategies for West Nile, Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya. We summarize literature works reporting the evaluation and use of in home and industrial assays. We describe limitations and challenges within the utilization of strategies and alternatives for novel approaches equivalent to Subsequent Technology Sequencing (NGS).

Professional opinion: The rapidity and accuracy of differential prognosis is crucial for a profitable scientific administration, notably in co-circulation space of arboviruses. A number of industrial diagnostic molecular assays can be found, however many usually are not inexpensive by RLS and never usable as Level-of-care/Level-of-need (POC/PON) equivalent to Actual Time RT-PCR, Array-based strategies and NGS. In distinction, the IA-based system matches higher for POC/PON however it’s nonetheless not excellent for the multiplexing detection system. Enchancment within the characterization and validation of present molecular assays is required to optimize their translation to the purpose of care.


[Mécanismes moléculaires du vieillissement rénal] 

Power kidney illness (CKD) is characterised by the progressive decline of renal perform, that happens as soon as a vital variety of nephrons has been misplaced, regardless the etiology. CKD prevalence is consistently rising, particularly with age. Nonetheless, the molecular mechanisms underlying this development usually are not very well-known. With an rising variety of sufferers with CKD, particularly aged sufferers, it urges to higher perceive the pathophysiology of this development to elaborate new therapeutic methods. Latest works have highlighted the position of some mobile processes, equivalent to senescence, throughout age-related kidney dysfunction.

Senescence corresponds to a mobile state related with a cell cycle blockade. Though the cell can’t proliferate, she is ready to secrete numerous proteins grouped below the time period of senescence related secretory phenotype (SASP). Identification of molecular mechansims concerned in age associated kidney dysfunction may assist to find out new therapeutic targets.

Lésions osseuses – approche diagnostique utilisant l’immunohistochimie et la pathologie moléculaire 

Immunohistochemistry and molecular pathology play a vital position within the prognosis of some focal bone lesions. These strategies might drastically assist to differentiate major bone tumors from metastatic ailments and permit a biologically necessary refinements in subclassification of spherical cell sarcomas. Just lately, the diagnostic accuracy of organ and tumor particular antibodies has improved considerably. Information of latest kind of antibodies and their significant use permits an correct classification of probably the most undifferentiated carcinomas of unknown major.

Nonetheless, the interpretation of immunohistochemical stains and molecular genetic evaluation could be troublesome in bone biopsies attributable to earlier decalcification. This text summarizes a very powerful algorithmic method to the prognosis of bone tumors. It outlines probably the most regularly used tissue-specific antibodies. New advances within the understanding of bone tumorigenesis are additionally mentioned.

Effets des propriétés chimiques et structurelles des monocouches de silane sur l’organisation des molécules d’eau et des ions aux interfaces, à partir de simulations de dynamique moléculaire 

Understanding the group of the hydration layer at functionalized silica surfaces is related for a wide variety of biosensing purposes or floor phenomena equivalent to biomolecule adsorption. Silane monolayers are broadly used to functionalize silica surfaces. Utilizing molecular dynamics simulations, we’ve got investigated the position of silane molecule head-group cost, alkyl chain size, and floor protection within the structural group and dynamic properties of Na+ ions, Cl ions, and water molecules on the interface. The silane molecules studied are 3-aminopropyldimethylethoxysilane, n-propyldimethylmethoxysilane, octadecyldimethylmethoxysilane, and (dimethylamino)dimethylsilylundecanoate.

Our outcomes recommend that the distribution of interfacial ions is delicate to the 2D dispersion of the silane-charged head teams. Additionally, whereas charged silane monolayers present a powerful orientation of interfacial water molecules, which results in a rupture within the hydrogen bond community and disturbs their tetrahedral group, the association of water molecules on the interface with uncharged silane monolayers appears to be associated to the floor roughness and to alkyl chain size. Consistent with these outcomes, the diffusion of ions and water molecules is larger on the CH3 lengthy monolayer interface than on the CH3 brief monolayer interface and on the charged monolayer interfaces. Additionally, regardless of the silane molecules studied, bulk properties are recovered round 0.7 nm above the interface. The interfacial water group is understood to impression biomolecule adsorption. Subsequently, these outcomes may additional assist in optimizing the functionalization layers to seize analytes

Progrès de la recherche sur le mécanisme moléculaire du dysfonctionnement des cellules endothéliales microvasculaires coronariennes 

Coronary microvascular illness is a high-risk issue for a lot of cardiovascular occasions. Nonetheless, attributable to its excessive concealment and lots of etiologies, the present understanding of its pathophysiological mechanism could be very restricted, which drastically limits its scientific prognosis and therapy. Within the technique of the incidence and growth of coronary microvascular illness, the harm of coronary microvascular endothelial cell (CMEC) is the core hyperlink. CMEC’s stress, metabolism, irritation and different dysfunctions have a causal relationship with coronary microvascular illness, and are additionally the principle options of coronary microvascular illness within the early stage. This text primarily opinions the molecular mechanisms of CMEC harm.

Transcriptomique spatiale: cartes moléculaires du cerveau des mammifères 

Maps of the nervous system encourage experiments and theories in neuroscience. Advances in molecular biology over the previous a long time have revolutionized the definition of cell and tissue id. Spatial transcriptomics has opened up a brand new period in neuroanatomy, the place the unsupervised and unbiased exploration of the molecular signatures of tissue group will give rise to a brand new era of mind maps. We suggest that the molecular classification of mind areas on the idea of their gene expression profile can circumvent subjective neuroanatomical definitions and produce widespread reference frameworks that may incorporate cell varieties, connectivity, exercise, and different modalities.

Right here we assessment the technological and conceptual advances made potential by spatial transcriptomics within the context of advancing neuroanatomy and talk about how molecular neuroanatomy can redefine mapping of the nervous system. Anticipated last on-line publication date for the Annual Overview of Neuroscience, Quantity 44 is July 2021. Please see page/journal/pubdates for revised estimates.

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